Helsingin Kokoomus

Campaing Identity

Year: 2017
Lea-Maija Laitinen

I designed and implemented the entire political campaign and visual identity of The Conservative Coalition Party in the municipal elections in 2017, in Helsinki.

The project was extremely vast and widely visible for two weeks in Helsinki, as well as in social and print media. There were Adshels, Digiscreens and Abribus-posters from JCDcaux, ads on buses and trams, cars, vans and show trucks, and also many advertise in newsapers, for example 4 spreads candidate gallery in the Finland’s most famous news paper, Helsingin Sanomat.

I worked alone, only the photographs were taken by a professional photographer, Mikko Mäntyniemi. Even the project was huge, I enjoyed it a lot and at the end I was really satisfatied as was my client too.