Poker Cards

Illustrated booklet
Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milano

Course: Computer Design
Teacher: Erasmo Ciufo
Team: Lea-Maija Laitinen

The design language of this card set was created by the following key words: fresh, minimalistic and vector illustrated.

I wanted to use less elements and keep them as minimalistic as I could. When having only small amount of visual elements, the meaning of good layout design, clear symbol set and the way of putting them together, becomes more important. It is not enough that each element looks visually beautiful, they have to work well together.

I wanted these cards to be easy to understand and easy to play. That’s why I made the suits look simple and fresh with using only rectangles. Suits looks very similar, which makes the layout calm and stylish. I designed the characters for Jack, Queen and King and the letters for Ace and Joker with using the same